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Thread: Why a 26* curve plus trunk shift can be so painful

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    something I do to help with pain

    For those not needing or having surgery, I have found that sleeping on one particular side of my body makes a big difference in my back pain. A physiotherapist had me test lying on each side. For me, sleeping/ resting/ leaning on my right side puts my curves in less stressful position. (because my left lumbar is my major, and my thoracic curve is very high.) I had been sleeping on my left for years! Since, I have been diligently retraining myself.

    This is not a 'cure' for anyone's pain, of course. But, it can really help the morning back aches and pains that might persist throughout much of the day. Have someone observe your spine and it's side-lying position. For single curves, the straightest-curve position will be obvious immediately. For doubles, you might have to flip over a few times to 'see' the best position for you.

    Hope this can help someone else with their pain.
    Emily, 43
    approx 50 T, 36 T/L

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    Thanks for the input

    Thanks to all that responded. In some ways, I feel like there is not a direct correlation between degree of curve and pain. I don' know why I have pain in the back, but it is on the concave side of the curve and it is getting worse. I am sure that I have arthritis and have a medial block planned x 2 and then if that is successful, then a denervation. I understand that procedure is for arthritis. I am doing physical therapy weekly and will follow the curve, so to speak with xrays. I also see a pain management psychologist. I don't know if I have a "trunk shift", I do know that my R shoulder is much lower than my left. I see Dr. Hart [the surgeon] again next week for a follow-up visit. My first visit w/ him was 3 months ago and I was in severe pain at that time. I am somewhat better now after physical therapy. The plan is to have follow-up xrays next fall. So why does this hurt so much? I don't know.

    Again, I enjoy reading everyone's experience, but some of what is written makes the surgery sound pretty scarey. I think that I will buy the book on Scoliosis surgery that was recommended.

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