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Thread: It's me...JERSEYOT...I'm 1 down 1 to go!

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    hi Michelle
    i am so sorry for the very tough time you have been thru...
    and i am so glad you are getting better...even if it is slow, with obstacles along the way...

    when i am nauseous from anything, oatmeal helps me...
    i eat it without milk or anything added to it...sometimes i put in a little salt when i
    am having low blood pressure...i keep the water to a minimum when i make the instant
    kind...drier oatmeal seems to help the nausea more...
    i also keep soda crackers around, with and without salted tops...

    that is really much blood you lost!
    i am also surprised that the therapists who evaluated you made the major
    mistake of missing the huge effect the morphine was having on you...of course you seemed
    as if you were doing better....until it wore off!

    i admire your strength and determination...and your courage!
    wishing you a steady recovery to full strength and health....
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