Well, HHEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOO everybody!!! I'm here! I made it through the first surgery with flying colors and it only took 5 hours instead of 7 which is great. I am now day 5 post-op and am feeling better each day. I spent 48+ hours in ICU from Tuesday until Thursday early evening. I have been in a small private room with the most wonderful nurses and aides on earth! I am now able to wit and wash with setup, brush my teeth, get on/off toilet and in/out of bed unassisted. I am very pleased with how I'm progressing - the stronger I am going into the second half of this surgery the better I will do post-op. Yesterday I even walked about 50 ft and did 5 small (lower height) steps with PT (up and down!) My abdominal pain is/was alot worse than I had anticipated but that too, is starting to feel a little better each day and I'm hoping it'll continue to do so. I had a PICC line put in on Friday because with all the poking and prodding and irritation that was happening (not to mention that IV's only last 4 days) it was suggested that have a PICC line put in so that I could get fluids, meds, blood draws, whatever - directly from this site. So that was fun (NOT)! I've had someone here visiting with me (either family, friends or both!) each day which is nice. Part 2 will take place on Tuesday morning as planned barring the unforeseen. This one coming up is "the big one" - I'm still really nervous about it but atleast all these great medications help keep me from stressing out too much! HAHA. Last night I woke up twice this excruciating pain in my sacrum/tailbone area which I was told is most likely muscle spasm. Ugh! THAT was pai Ive never had before so hopefully it won't be back for another round tonight. So, with that as my update, I think I'm doing fairly well. Please continue the prayers for Jan31 -- that's the BIG ONE! And totally offi topic, the nurse just came in and said that the CNA would be in soon and that i can take a shower!! Yay!! Oh it's the little things in life!!!