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Thread: surgeries Done!

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    surgeries Done!

    Hello All,
    I wanted to let you know my 2 surgweriws went fine. I was in the operating room 8 hors each time. They ended up needing to pull another rib on my left sie (other one was pulled when I was 15).WHEN I woke up I was so happy! they had given me morphine in my spine.So they said thats probably why. I am now day 6 post op and feelpretty good. I had to come to a rehab facility becuase I live alone. I had a question about bending. I am fused to my sacrum and was wondering will I have be able to tie shoes again? I still getting used to the new hardware

    I will keep uou posted.


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    It's great to hear that your surgeries went well. How are you feeling now? Did they leave the morphine catheter in your spine? From what I've seen of others on here, you should eventually be able to tie shoes again. I would talk to your OT about that and other problems you many have with flexibility. I haven't had surgery, so I can only speak from what I've read here. Again, I'm glad everything is okay! Take Care.


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    Glad that everything went well.

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    You did it! Congratulations.

    The shoe tying will come in time. I know its seems impossible right now but donít worry about this.

    Use a slipper type of shoe for now and your sock installer....

    You are healing at a very fast pace right now, try to take it easy and no bending.

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    Wow you sound so GOOD after two 8 hour surgeries! You make spinal surgery sound like having a tooth pulled.

    It took me a year before I was flexible enough to tie shoes, put socks on, shave my lower legs in comfort. But it comes gradually.

    Meantime slip in shoes are the way to go.

    Best of luck with your continued smooth recovery!
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