My daughter was recently diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis and began wearing a brace. The scoliosis came to our attention because of a muscle knot and pain in her left shoulder. The muscle between her shoulder blades (trapezius muscle), is very hard. The muscle is much larger on her left side and seems normal on the right. The right should is much lower. We try to massage the muscle to make it feel better, but nothing seems to work. My daughter went to 6 weeks of Physical Therapy last year to try to resolve the shoulder pain. Since P/T wasn't working, we were sent to the Orthopedic Doctor who diagnosed the scoliosis.

Has anyone experienced shoulder pain with scoliosis? I am assuming the curve in the back is causing a muscular problem in the shoulder. The Orthopedic Doctor told us there is nothing we can do -- he thought thatphysical therapy would not help. Does anyone have any other suggestions?