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Thread: Be Careful Out There

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    Be Careful Out There


    One of the members of this forum sent me a private message telling me that she heard of a patient who blacked out, fell down in the bathroom, breaking her neck, and not surviving. What a devastating story!

    I'm pretty sure most of us are really cautious in terms of movements in the early recovery period, but this is a good reminder to be really careful, especially if you start feeling at all light headed.

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    My doctor's daughter has a friend that had the surgery as a teenager. When they went to visit her in the hospital, she got up to use the restroom and passed out. It was a good thing he was in the room because he caught her. That is VERY scary!

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    Thanks for posting this warning. After I blacked out at 3 weeks post op, I started a thread asking if this was normal and had many with similar experiences. As long as you are on heavy medications, I think one needs to sit on the side of the bed a few minutes and then stand a few minutes before taking off.

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    I agree, upon getting out of bed, I would stand with my walker for up to 5 minutes before walking. I never came close to blacking out, but if I did I would get down on my knees quickly and extend my arms.

    Staircases are dangerous, even without blacking out. Best to setup a bed on the lower floor, next to a bathroom.

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    I'm actually wondering if it has more to do with the anesthesia. After I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, I had to have a D&C. Of, course I was put under general anesthesia for the procedure and was in the hospital for two days for heavy bleeding. But I wasn't sent home with any pain meds as I didn't need them. About a week after I got home, I got up to get something from the fridge and started going down. My ex was standing in the kitchen, fortunately, and saw me pass out and caught me before I hit the floor. One of the very few good things he did for me. So maybe a combination of blood loss and anesthesia??

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    That might be right. I also have low blood pressure which might have had something to do with passing out. I was obviously not cautious enough during the early stages of recovery, in spite of being advised otherwise.

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    doreen1 also had a blackout, it's on page 23 of her surgery thread. She said they determined a combination of meds was dropping her blood pressure. Maybe it's a good idea to do regular bp checks during recovery, as well as not getting up too fast.
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