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Thread: Fusion T9 to ilium scheduled for 1/23/2012

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    Fusion T9 to ilium scheduled for 1/23/2012

    I am scheduled for surgery that includes laminectomy and fusion from T9 to ilium on 1/23/2012. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Richard Tallarico at Upstate Hospital here in Syracuse, NY.

    I'm curious to know if other women who had stress incontinence and/or prolapse prior to surgery had any issues because of that after surgery. If you'd like to communicate with me directly, I can be reached at

    -- Mary

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    Best of luck Mary! There are other forum members having surgery around the same time as you.

    Unfortunately your thread has got stuck smack bang in the middle of the spam attack, so I hope others who can answer your question, will eventually find this thread.

    Let us know how your surgery goes, won't you?
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