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Thread: If ever I had a's GONE....

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    It's good to hear you sounding better and more optimistic. I can't imagine how hard this has been with small children. But you sound organised and yes, you will get through this. And in the long run, it will have been well worth it and your children will benefit too. Hoping the waiting goes quickly.
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    It's nice that you can keep the kid's routines. Routines are soooo important for little ones. They may not even remember this happened, especially the little one. I totally agree with you that it will keep their stress levels down. It's just a bummer that this had to happen when they are so small (for you) but good (for them). I hope I'm making sense. Yes, you'll make it to your surgery date. Time keeps ticking whether we feel well or not. I just hope that something in there (your back) shifts and gives you a little relief. Take care.

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