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Thread: FAO Dr. McIntire - interesting muscle study results

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    Hi Rohrer,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I could never get my hands on the articles I needed to read, only abstacts.
    I think if I'd have gone up to the university and used their library I could have gotten access to articles I needed.
    It's no big deal if you're unable to source them for me. I'll poke around online sometime and see what I can find.
    All this stuff should already be on here though. This is why I need to create scoliosis websites.
    All this info should be easily accessable from scoliosis sites, even if you have to pay for it.

    They say that scoliosis can't be caused by leg discrepency, but there might be more to this story... somehow.
    Good point about which came first - When the doc measured my legs I and said there was a difference, I wondered the same and whether or not the change in load in my spine, especially the lumbar was somehow responsible for the difference in measurement... or his plastic tape...
    As much as I hate to admit that my body may have been slightly less than perfect before my injury, if I be honest with myself I have to admit something wasn't quite right - but the structure of my spinal column (and normal operation of spinal biomechanics) was still intact.
    I had a great burning pain behind my shoulder blade for weeks before my injury, and I'd felt it before in other labour jobs I'd had previously.
    I'd previously been through a rough period in my life, and I badly wanted to get back on top of things, so I took all the overtime I could in my new job and just ignored the paid to some degree - even though usually I wouldn't have. I pushed my body too far, when it was telling me to easy up.
    It wasn't just the stress my spine was under - it's very much a case of the particular way I was using my back in the wrong manner (like a crane) whilst combining with a specific twisting force, and there wasn't one single injury in itself, whatever went crunch in my spine and altered the spinal biomechanics wasn't just one crunch, it was 2 simultaneously - meaning whatever changed adjusted itself on one side of the spine, then there was another crunch - it did the same on the other side as a result of the first crunch - its a balanced injury - and a tiny concave and convex was formed.
    Anyhow, I said I wasn't going to talk too much about this stuff in respect of the original thread and not veering too far off course.
    So I'd better stop.
    I'm right handed and right legged too, but I wouldn't say that one of my legs is markably stronger or weaker than the other even though my right leg probably is a tiny bit stronger, but I'm not sure if that really relates to coordination.
    Definately I'm better co-ordinated as far as kicking a ball for instance, I can kick further and with better co-ordination as compared to my left.
    I definately would say my right arm is stronger than the left, but I do use it more, and also have much better coordination with it as well, when for instance I throw a ball.
    But none of these things has a differential enough that it is noticable to anyone else, (unless I'm kicking or throwing a ball)
    I'm the only one who can really tell.
    On the outside, it probably seems as though I'm just like anyone else, except my mildish scoliosis.

    I don't have any specific technical qualifications at all.
    I'm just learning web design at my own pace using online video tutorials and the support I get from online communities such as rockettheme.
    Theres a lot of skilled people on there just sometimes you have to be prepared to be patient and wait for the next day to get the help you need to deal with a particular issue. Theres places online such as where you pay a monthly fee and have access to all the software video tutorials you want. That's how I learned.
    It's all good fun and learning. You can call me a geek if you want - yes it is like a compliment hey.
    - But I'm still really a newbie with all the software, computer coding, web design tricks etc.

    BTW, I'd also be interested to see the stats on leg length comparison between scoli patients and non-scoli people.
    - Scott
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