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Since we are on the subject of lipids (fat) we need your help. One of the things that we need is a diet. A diet for recovering from scoliosis surgery. If you glance through, you will see people eating all sorts of highly toxic substances like salami for example! He he. You have to admit that it is hilarious but we just don’t know.....There are foods that are downright dangerous for a persons health, I have googled “the worst foods” and it seems that these foods cross our paths while “blitzed” on meds. If we had a specific daily diet, THAT would be an extremely valuable thing to post here. Many of us here are headed into surgeries.

Would a gall bladder diet be of value? I went on one while having gall attacks, as I was afraid the fat would act as a catalyst. I lost 18# in 2 months, but eventually had to have my gall bladder removed.
Nice.. I love this board sometimes. It's posts like this that help me justify coming here during work hours. :>

My postdoc (which is transitioning into an actual scientist position) is looking at muscle wasting during acute care. Specifically during acute kidney injury. We also do some work on chronic kidney failure as well. At any rate, looking at how the body responds to inflammation and inactivity (muscle wasting), and looking for ways to counter-act that wasting from happening. Similarly, what's the best way to recover from that during the recovery/rehab stage? The body becomes very catabolic in the post-op/acute phase. During that time it's unclear whether the body even responds to nutrients, i.e. you give nutrition but the body doesn't really use it very well. However, taking anti-oxidants combined with good sources of proteins (with high branched-chain amino acids, specifically leucine) might be a good strategy during the immediate post-op phase. I actually just submitted for funding to look at this exact question in acute kidney injury. Now, this is primarily for ICU level patients. But I'm wondering how much it would overlap for non-ICU post-op recovery as well.

Let me think about it and look at a few things.