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Thread: The pop that was hear around the world

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    How much activity at 4-5 weeks post-op?

    Thanks for your kind and helpful posts Jennifer, Susan, Linda, and Melissa. I was encouraged by all of you.

    I'm doing better and haven't cried in several days! Big improvement there. I am doing better with the nausea and loss of appetite in general. Still an issue at times.

    This week I started getting dressed in real (entirely casual) clothes everyday, not just loungewear. Strangely that helped mentally.

    My question is, how much activity could people handle at 4-5 weeks? I'm up and around quite a bit during the day, trying to do a little light housework here and there. I also walk outside or in a store a couple times a day? Does anyone recall what their days looked like at this stage?

    Thanks if you're still reading!!
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    Hi Gayle,

    You are doing much better than I did at 4-5 weeks postop, but I had a complication, abdominal hematoma, which brought me back to the hospital for an additional surgery. That was a major setback that slowed my recovery by quite a bit, but I remember a significant improvement at 6 weeks. I was able to walk around neighborhood several times a day, but didn't drive until I was off narcotics, which happened to be almost 3 months. I could prepare simple meals, but needed to take many brakes doing it because I was getting tired quickly. I spent a lot of time in bed watching TV and browsing internet.

    Take it easy... I know you have kids and it's easier said than done... Maybe go slower on narcotics reduction? You're still very early in recovery. Gentle hugs to you.
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