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Thread: The pop that was hear around the world

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    The pop that was heard around the world

    Hi guys,

    I am 14 months post-op T8-sacrum/left pelvic fixation and have overall been doing quite well. I work at an active, demanding job, and I swim laps and work out in the gym regularly. I have had minimal back pain, aches and pains that are easily controlled with tylenol and advil. I did have some pain on and off for the last few weeks in my lower back, nothing too out of the ordinary.

    Two days ago (Tuesday) I was at work, feeling fine, and I was leaning over just a little to put an EKG electrode on a patient. I felt and heard the loudest pop you have ever heard coming from my lower back/right side, followed by severe pain. The other staff in the room all heard the pop, as did the patient. Apparently after I left the room the patient asked if a circuit breaker for the room had blown, the pop was that loud.

    I was taken to the ER where I had lumbar x-rays that cleared the hardware. My husband came and took me home with my new percocet prescription. I was told to rest and use ice. I called my surgeon's office yesterday and talked to the PA, who was able to review the digital x-rays. She thought the x-rays looked ok and thought it could have been my SI joint popping. I do not have an iliac screw on the right, so that seemed like a reasonable possibility. Then she called back later, and my surgeon wants me to come in Tuesday for an additional full-spine x-ray as well as a bone scan to check for subtle or concealed fractures.

    I am starting to have a decrease in pain although it is still pretty significant when I move. I am hoping that all will settle down and everything is clear. This whole episode was pretty unexpected and scary.
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