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    Unhappy Feel like crying

    Things have been going so well for me since my revision in March pain, back to work, living my life...
    Then on Thanksgiving morning, I woke up and my left arm and thumb were numb. I thought I had slept on it wrong, but no. It's been 12 days and no change. My thumb has gotten number in fact. My whole arm isn't numb, just feels numb along the inner aspect of my forearm.
    Then...I was in bed a few days later, stretching like we all do in the morning, and I hear and feel a big CRACK. At first I thought it was my bones, but a couple of days later, I started feeling my rod(s) move when I was walking. Very disconcerting. So I called my surgeon's office and will be evaluated tomorrow morning along with xrays. Throughout the day today at work, my back has become painful, and I am having alot of trouble doing any lifting at all. My purse even feels heavy to me. I feel so discouraged because I thought I was done with all this. Ugh.
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