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I was fused back in 1993, and had the rods removed in 2002 due to severe pain. I'm afraid that I need to be fused all the way down to the sacrum but am afraid to do so, not wanting to go through surgery again, and not knowing if down the line I'll get pain elsewhere again... I don't know how to post a new message (could barely figure out how to reply to you, lol), but I'd like to find out from others who have been fused down to sacrum how they're doing 10, 15, 20 years down the line,
My pain started a bunch of years after the surgeries, so the long term affect is what I'm concerned about.
Hoping to hear from anyone! Thanks so much.
ps: All three of my teenagers have scoliosis too. So far I've been successful with bracing (Spinecor brace) to keep it from getting to the point of needing surgery.
Scoliosisfamily, welcome! What you do to start a new thread is go to the section you want to post under, in this case, surgical revision (where you are). You can get back there by scrolling to the top and clicking on surgical revision. Once you do that, there will be a big blue box that says, " + POST NEW THREAD ". Click the box, then title your thread and post. You might want to copy and paste your comment to the new thread and then delete it from this one. Just to let you know that bringing up a new subject on someone else's thread is called "thread hijacking" and some people get mad. We all had to learn the forum etiquette, so don't think I'm picking on you. I'm just letting you know in advance. Like the original poster on this thread, I would suggest you talk to titaniumed, as he has a very long fusion with pelvic fixation. I hope you find the answers you are looking for and again, welcome!