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Thread: Another study finds assocation between HYPOkyphosis and Scoliosis

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    Another study finds assocation between HYPOkyphosis and Scoliosis

    ScoliosisJournal: Is decreased bone mineral density associated with development of scoliosis? A bipedal osteopenic rat model

    Our study did not show a statistically significant relationship between low mineral density and development of scoliosis in a bipedal rat model. Another interesting finding of this study was that in heparin treated animals, a relative thoracic hypokyphosis was present. Considering that idiopathic scoliosis is a three dimensional deformity presenting with hypokyphosis in the sagittal plane, we believe that the relative hypokyphosis in the heparin treated animals maybe of some value. With these findings it is not possible to prove or refute the long questioned relationship between osteoporosis and idiopathic scoliosis. Further studies are required to clarify the relationship between osteoporosis and development of spinal deformity in the growing spine.
    The scientists involved in this study didn't find the what they were looking for but once again they found that Scoliosis was associated with hypokyphosis (flat back). Just about everything I have read shows that Scoliosis is associated with hypokyphosis. My son doesn't have severe flat back but his spine has very little, natural kyphosis. It's fairly straight with very little hump.

    Paging Dr. McIntire!

    I can find pages of exercise links for HYPERkyphosis i.e. hunchback. A few studies (Spinal extension exercises prevent natural progression of kyphosis) found that exercise was an effective treatment for hunchback. But I can't find anything for flat-back.

    Are there exercises for Hypokyphosis? I've seen mention that tight chest muscles and weak back muscles contribute to hunchback. If tight chest muscles contribute to hunchback, could chest exercises treat flat-back by creating more kyphosis?

    Thanks in advance!
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