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Thread: considering being fused to my sacrum I need advise!!!!

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    considering being fused to my sacrum I need advise!!!!

    My name is Annabelle and I have been reading this forum for a while now. But I need to have some people let me know how their surgery went before I drive myself crazy trying to make a decision. I am 31 years old with scoliosis and I had my first surgery when I was 15. Since then it has not bothered me much til the last few years. But this last year my lower back has been killing me to the point I was stuck in bed for at least 6 months. I didnt have insurance so I couldnt see a Doctor. Well I finally got insurance a few months ago and saw a orthopedic surgeon. He took xrays and I had a mylogram done as well. He said that I needed surgery because my rod had broken at the bottom due to the bone never fusing at the bottom and the rod isnt meant to hold that much pressure. I have a antieor single rod in the mid area of my back right now. He said the few vertabres left at the bottom were leaning overlike they we tipping over to the left and that he would need to fuse me down to my sacrum. And that if I didnt have the surgery I would be in a wheelchair in 3-4 years! So that scared me. And then he took it back and said he never said that. But my case is really rare. He said he will have to go thru my sidie and take out 2 of the screws in my spine that are broken.
    Then do a second surgery to fuse the rest of my lower spine down to my sacrum. I am afraid I wont be able to sit and do thing like a normal person again with that fusion. Granted I know that some mobility will be taken but how much? I am afraid that I will go thru with this surgery and be in major pain for months to have it not help with my back pain and I am worse off. So I am waiting to have the surgery in Jan. after Christmas.....maybe. I really dont want to have it. But it looks like I do. Help me calm down about this. I keep myself up at night worrying about what decision to make. And what will the process be like if I do go thru with it.
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    Hi Anna

    Welcome to the forum.

    Check out the mobility thread in my sig, there are pics and hopefully a little comic relief....

    I am doing well and Iím pain free. Since you are pretty much in trouble with your lower levels, there really isnít much choice but to have it done. Even though we are pretty tough and can handle high amounts of pain, it really isnít worth it. If I would have known, I would have had my surgeries done 10-15 years sooner.

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    I'm also fused to the sacrum. While it doesn't feel 100% natural (neither does the disability you're experiencing now, I'm sure), it's far less disabling than it sounds. It seems to me that if you're as disabled as you say, the decision should be a relatively easy one.

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    2.5 years ago I was fused to sacrum with pelvic fixation. I am pain-free and can do anything I want. I wouldn't have it any other way considering how I was before surgery.

    Don't be afraid of being fused to sacrum. There will be some minor awkwardness doing some chores, but it's going to give you your life back with hopefully, no more surgery in your life-time. (Something we all hope for.)
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    hi Anna
    i need fusion to sacrum as well, and have gone back and forth with a decision....for medical and
    personal reasons...
    you have my sympathy about how hard the decision can be to make, even when one is in pain and
    suffering....what we know is always easier to deal with than the unknown...
    (that phrase about "the devil we know...")

    i sent you a private message...
    welcome to the forum...


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    Welcome to the forum. The first item you need to address is a second opinion before you do any surgery. You, also, need to have a surgeon that you feel
    comfortable with

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