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Thread: More Good Evidence Bracing Works in AIS

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    More Good Evidence Bracing Works in AIS

    Here is a video presented by Dr. William Shaughnessy at the Mayo Clinic from the last POSNA meeting. The results of the Mayo Clinic changing their ineffective scoliosis bracing program with a new program had dramatic results in their bracing success in AIS.

    Here are their conclusions:

    -Effective bracing changes the natural history of AIS

    -Changes in brace program significantly improved results

    -Brace program changes led to significantly less progression AND less surgery

    -Poor compliance is the single most important determinant of brace failure

    -We now assume progression is due to poor compliance until proven otherwise. (Remember they're talking about AIS, not congenital or other types).

    -Psychological co-morbidity has significant negative impact on compliance and success.

    -In this series there was NO progression to surgery if:

    -initial curve magnitude was less than 40 degrees and
    -bracewear greater than fifteen hours per day

    The study states that the psychological co-morbidity of brace failure they discovered was due to ADHD, anxiety disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, or depression being treated with medication.

    Click on the May 13th presentation link "Bracing for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Determinants of Success" presented by William J. Shaughnessy, MD
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