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Thread: I was approved for Forteo~~finially!!

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    I was approved for Forteo~~finially!!

    Hi all,
    Well, 12 days after my Dr. called in the Forteo to my pharmacy, it was finially approved.My Drs.
    office had trouble locating the info. I had given them. But it's all behind me now, and on to getting through the next few months taking this drug, Forteo. Dr. Perry wants me to take this drug for 6 to 9 months. Whew~~that seems like forever. But I want to do everything possible to help this revision turn out to be a success. When your life has been on hold this long, what's a few more months? I get so fatigued anymore, but I guess that comes with the territory. I am constantley trying to walk and pull myself up . I am so excited about the things that Dr. Perra is going to do to give me back some quality of life. A better one than the present. I will keep posting and keep you updated. These surgeries are so big and scarey, that we need to have each other for support and someone to talk to. Thanks all!! If you have questions~~ask away! Best to you all!!!

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    So happy for you. Hope it all works out for you

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    Glad you got the approval. I did my first Forteo injection yesterday with the help of the visiting nurse. It was painless. Hope I remember how to do it today on my own.
    Best wishes!

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