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Thread: Naming Brace

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    i live in brooklyn, ny

    mine was 'bruce the brace!' LOL!!

    hi! stasi (pronounced 'stacey') here!
    i used to call my (milwaukee) brace 'bruce!' it just seemed to fit, ya know! my sis and i had named our piano 'emily' and when we got guitars, mine (6 string) i named charlie, and my 12 string i named 'fred'... lol. my sis named her guitar 'gabriel' (which is also my new grandson's name! cool!). it just seemed right to name the instruments because, when we'd play them, they'd 'come alive' so, SHOULDN'T they have names? it was sorta like that for me with my milwaukee brace! even as i got taller, and i'd have to 'upgrade' to a newer model, i'd STILL call them ALL 'bruce!' it was just so funny to me! in fact, when i'd do my ironing (my blouses, we ALL had our chores to do in the house!) i'd walk around the house with the blouses ON their hanger, hanging on 'bruce!' IT WAS THE FUNNIEST!!! it STILL cracks me up! it was most DEFINITELY NOT a fun experience having to wear the brace for 4 1/2 years and then having to have surgery, but it DID save my life fer sure! if i never had the surgery, my scoliosis was progressive and it would have crushed my heart & lungs and well, i would NOT be here writing this to you! so, i just HAD to make the best of my situation. having a sense of humor sure did help me get thru a LOT of hard times... i pray it helps you all as well..
    be well, be healthy & be happy...
    God bless,

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    i named my brace matilda...dont know why ROFL!! it made me closer to my brace....and it was alot easier to yell at it too. "MATILDA!! that HURTS!! stop pinching!" lol....later it became the "stupid thing"
    8years in Boston Brace starting curve 22 degrees, ending around 30 anterior fusion in 2004, curve went from 48 degrees to 25 !!im in college and love to ride horses, swim, and bike!

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    Cool yes, their right!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mom to 3
    i think you should name our brace. as a kid i had a brace and i named it larry after my dad who died in a caraccident. but now my daughter has one and named it Julia (i think she just lives the name) and my son named it "Evil Dude".
    yes i think that their right about naming ur brace! it's kind of a fun way of appretiating ur brace! i named mine big blue! it's like when u were a little kid and u had ur imaginary friends and u named them! think of it as ur next imaginary friend! although it can't talk or walk! (except on u! lol!)

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