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Thread: Naming Brace

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    Naming Brace

    Some of my friends suggested that I should name my brace. Does this seem to help anybody? Did anybody else name their brace?

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    Hello !

    I'm new here ! I'm French, so, excuse me if my english is not very well. I hope you will understand me.

    I had a scoliosis since my birth. But we have treated it when I was 5 years old (because I have had other problems before). During all my childhood, I had a Milwaukee's brace, all the time until 8 years old, just the evenning and the night until 10 and many many times a day from 10 years old to 15 years old, at the moment of my surgery.
    And, I named my brace. I think it's a good way to accept the brace and scoliosis'treatments. It allowed to see the brace more like a "friend", an "ally".
    Each brace have a name: "Chrysalid", "Sun", "Tulip"...
    In this way, it's as if this brace was me was really a part of me. It it so more easy.
    I named it with differents ways like "glue jug", " my chrysalid", " my shell"...

    So, I think that to name our brace can help us to live better with it, to accept better it...

    But it is only my opinion...

    Kisses everybody.

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    lauren12 Guest


    yes i think you should name your brace i did and its great as a code word when your around other people and you dont want them to know you have a brace but i agree with Amandine it does make you closer to your brace

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    i think you do get closer to your brace if you name it i've named mine after whatever i can think of thats the same color i've had one other brace before this one and when i had that one everyone called me "Barbie" so i named that one "Barbie" and this one i have now is purple and i LOVE grapes so i named this new one "Grapey" and everyone at my school thinks thats cool so i've gotta really close to my brace now that i've named it. Bye ~Sammie~

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    bottom curve:38
    with brace top: 35
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    Actually yes it does. I wore a brace throughout middle and highschool. I named my brace Herbie. It's harder to dislike something with a name like that.


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    Actually it does help. I wore a brace throughout middle and most of highschool. I named my brace Herbie. It's hard to dislike something with a name like that.


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    Alfred is cool

    I love alfred my brace he rox, except when I think about chainsawing him...

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    Naming Brace

    I had a Milwaukee brace when I was a kid & I named it Millie. It helps to have a sence of humor I wear a TLSO brace now - maybe I should name it too....

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    Names, names, and more names


    My prvidence brace was Lilli and i really thing it helped but my boston brace was harder for the first 4-5 months it was Big S*** and i dint like it and now it is either that or Turtle Chocolate Box
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    Mák Veronika
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    I play flute.
    I LOVE ROCK!!!!!

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    I used to call my brace Evil Plastic Man. I liked naming it lol. everyone should do it
    ~Leelee ♪
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    Gosh, I havn't been on this site in forever! When I had my brace (the last one) it got named Barbie due to a friend and my mom! It was plastic, and I'm a girl, so Barbie just fit! lol
    ~~Rebecca, 15 years old, 10th grade~~
    I was braced for 2 years and 4 months
    I went through 3 Boston Braces
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    Curve in 2nd Brace~14*
    Curve in 3rd Brace~27*
    Curve after bracing~34*

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    yeah sometimes i call my brace gertrude because it is a really odd name. well, i once put a green jacket on it while i had it off, and called it gertrude the green, and now my mom always calls it gertrude, although this all may sound stupid
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    I love knitting, reading, dancing, singing, acting, etc.

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    My curves are 18 and about 9 in my brace

    Originally my curves were about 15 and 30

    I wear my brace 18-20 hours a day

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    Cool maybe

    i just got my brace this june and it doesn't have a name. i guess i never thought to name it. maybe i'll think a name up. it does sound like a good idea...

    14 yrs old
    28 t
    29 L before brace
    right now: 21 L
    now i'm doing basketball, ballet, and piano

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    My braces's name has been, and always will be, Gertrude. It's sad, though. I'm getting a new one this Christmas. But I really need one. I can barely pull the straps to the velcro! I must be fat =P
    Hey, I'm Laura, 13, 8th grade

    Idiopathic adolescent scoliosis..
    Diagnosed 2005
    Boston bracing
    Curves USED to be: 33 and 27
    Cures ARE: 22 and 15
    I have AIM
    IM me!

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    i think you should name our brace. as a kid i had a brace and i named it larry after my dad who died in a caraccident. but now my daughter has one and named it Julia (i think she just lives the name) and my son named it "Evil Dude".
    Annie. (61* Before surgery 8* after, Surgery 1990)
    Mother of
    Anna, age 11, 54* curve (surgery on 9/2)
    Mack, age 7, 32* curve (TLSO Brace)
    Meghan, age 2 18* curve (Monitering)

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