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Thread: Yea! 1 year appt.!

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    Cool Yea! 1 year appt.!

    Well, I am officially released with "no restrictions" Yea! I also met with Doreen1 and her beautiful family and NanLo for breakfast prior to appt and visited with them in the waiting room. Its hard to believe how far a person comes in a year after a huge surgery. (my 1 year is actually Oct 11 but this was the closest they could get me in as of 6 mos ago! ) Thanks to all for the support and information on this forum!
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    35 year old mother of 2 lil girls
    60 degree thoracic
    44 degree lumbar
    Oct. 11, 2010 surgery
    Dr. Lenke St. Louis
    1 year follow up: 15 degree thoracic, 22 lumbar
    fused T1 to L1

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    Congrats on being one year post-op! Such a milestone.

    It's nice that you've met up with some forum members. I met up with hdugger from here when we were down in Portland. I think she actually came up to Shriners at least three times and I'm hoping to meet up with her again at the end of October when we head back for my son's six month checkup. I'm really looking forward to having lunch/dinner with her again. My treat this time. :-)
    Son 14 y/o diagnosed January 20th. 2011 with 110* Curve
    Halo Traction & 1st. surgery on March 22nd. 2011
    Spinal Fusion on April 19th. 2011

    Dr. Krajbich @ Shriners Childrens Hospital, Portland Oregon

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    Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you. It always makes me happy to hear of a great outcome as it inspires us all.
    30 y.o female, very active, considering surgery
    08/03/11 - 54 degrees
    06/2004 - 33 degrees
    Don't like hospitals

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    Congratulations on reaching a great milestone! It is so encouraging for me that there are people like you who have survived that first year of recovery and are now in the thriving mode.
    Female - 49 yrs old at surgery
    Surgery 5/5/11 - Dr. Bridwell, St. Louis
    Fused T3-L3
    60 degree thoracic curve corrected to 30 degrees
    Tennis player & returning to the courts!

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    Yay!!! So happy for you! And thanks for helping me along my way, you were such an inspiration to me!
    Age: 28
    Dx w/ scoli @ age 12 S curves T-40* L-42*
    wore night bending brace as teenager
    Curves changed to 50's plus or minus
    herniated disc L2-3, Discectomy October 2007
    fusion L2-3 November 2008
    Revision L2-3 Fusion, Removal of hardware August 2009
    Curves measuring 52 T&L September 2010
    Fused T4-L4, all posterior December 27th 2010
    gained almost two inches in height

    Before and After Exterior
    Before and After X-rays
    My blog:

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    Congratulations on your good report! I'm so glad you got to meet Nancy and Doreen. I've met Evelyn (confused mom), Laurie Anne, and my main support during the pre-surgery jitters, Kathy K. It has to give Doreen some confidence to see how well you and Nancy are doing. I am looking forward to my year appointment on Jan. 18th & hope I get the green light, as well. Don't you feel fortunate to have had Dr. Lenke for your surgeon? I know I do.

    Surgery-Jan. 5, 2011-Dr. Lenke
    Fusion T-4-sacrum-2 cages/5 osteotomies
    70 degree thoracolumbar corrected to 25
    Rib Hump-GONE!
    Age-60 at the time of surgery
    Now 66
    Avid Golfer & Tap Dancer
    Retired Kdgn. Teacher

    See photobucket link for:
    Video of my 1st Day of Golf Post-Op-3/02/12-Bradenton, FL
    Before and After Picture of back 1/7/11
    tap dancing picture at 10 mos. post op 11/11/11-I'm the one on the right.

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