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Thread: Dr. Lloyd Hey in NC and Dr. Lebwohl in Miami

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    Dr. Lloyd Hey in NC and Dr. Lebwohl in Miami


    I have a 2nd consult appointment with Dr. Hey in NC. I've seen his name around this forum many times but am trying to get feedback from people who have actually had him as their surgeon. I've done the search feature on this website for his name and it has been a pain weeding out the search results because it picks up every "HEY!" as a greeting that has been posted. Kind of funny actually.

    Anyone out there had him as a surgeon?

    My other option is Dr. Lebwohl in Miami - again I've seen his name and done searches about him but I only saw maybe one person in this forum who actually had him do their surgery. Anyone else?

    Thanks for your help!!!
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    Again, I did not have Dr Hey as my surgeon but if I was staying in NC I would have used him in a heartbeat. When he met with me as a courtesy to Dr Bederman in CA, he spent about 2 1/2 hours with me. This is knowing that I was not going to be using him as a surgeon. I was actually a little sad that I could not use him
    because he is a Christian, as I am and he prays with his patients before surgery and anytime you want him to . He has kept up with me , now as a friend, with
    my operations as well as my aches and pains. He went over every thing that he would have done in surgery for me. He answered all of my questions, both in
    person and via email. I think that he is a top of the line surgeon. He left Duke in order to spend more time with his patients. He will give you the names of patients that have
    had similar surgeries , if you so request him to do so.

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    Hi Patty...

    My impression is that you'd be in good hands with either surgeon.

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    Dr. Lebwohl

    Hi! My son has seen Dr. Lebwohl in Miami for initial visits. He has really been wonderul on the initial visits. He is very caring...even gave my son his cell number to call him for questions. He also has been working with my son's pain specialist to assist him in getting his addiction to narcs under control before proceeding with a surgery he needs to have surgery from top of spine to sacrum. He has been very attentive and we are still debating whether to go through with the revision surgery he needs. It's such scarey decision. Dr. Lebwohl shoots straight and will not attempt to mislead you. He is top notch! Good luck with your surgery.

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