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Thread: Back pain?

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    Smile Back pain?

    I had my surgery two years ago when I was 14. I relized that when storms or bad weather come i get really bad back aches. Does this happen for anyone else and if so what do you do to help the pain? I called my doctor and asked him about it and said its normal, but didn't give me any advice to help the pain.
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    I have read about this many times on this forum. You are not alone. Ed always advocates a very hot soak in a tub.
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    Lower Back Pain

    I Had my surgery 4 months before,but i have very severe pain in lower back.
    Does someone have same problem??

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    Hi guys,

    I have always sufffered more when the weather is cold or damp. I always make sure I am wrapped up as I notice when I get cold I tense up which causes more pain. I also use hot water bottles where ever I can. Hope you find it helps too.

    Re, post op pain. You are only 4 mths post op. It may seem like your surgery was an age ago but it will take up to a year to recover from sure a huge surgery. It may be that you just need to slow down a little and the pain will lessen. Good Luck!
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