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    Twin City Spine Center

    Hi everyone,
    I am lokking at another revision surgery, and was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with the Twin City Spine Center? I have had two surgeries. My story has been on here a few times. I don't have an appt. at the Twin City Spine Center yet, but my surgeon is sending all my records and etc. to them for review. I have flatback syndrome a saggital imbalance. And am in terrible shape and pain! I live in a small town in So. Dak. and the Twin City Spine Center is about eight hrs. from me.(Minniapolis Minn.). I am so ready to find some help. The first two surgeries were done in Sioux Falls So. Dak.. And although the first was a total disaster, I thought I was going to be alright with the second.(Oct.20th,2010). But about four months out, I started to pitch forward again. And I am about nine months out now, and can't hardly walk. I use a walker sometimes. If anyone knows anything about this place, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, boomer P.S. If you have any questions about me, be free to ask.

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    I do know Fierce Tiger had her 3rd surgery there after two bad outcomes at other places. I haven't heard in a while but thought she was doing much better after that one. Her rods broke after the first 2 surgeries. You might check her posts. Janet

    61 years old--57 for surgery

    Diagnosed in 1965 at age of 13--no brace
    Thoracic Curve: 96 degrees to 35 degrees
    Lumbar Curve: 63 degrees to 5 degrees
    Surgery with Dr. Lenke in St. Louis--March 30, 2009
    T-2 to Pelvis, and hopefully all posterior procedure.

    All was posterior along with 2 cages and 6 osteotomies.

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    Hi - my daughter doctored there for the last 10 years and saw Dr. John Lonstein. He is widely known throughout the country. I do know he plans to retire from surgeries in December but I would try and get in with him for at least your first consult. My daughter is now 16 and will have the surgery next year so Dr. Lonstein won't be able to do the surgery so we plan to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester and I met with Dr. Tony Stans who I think will be great. I am pretty sure if you get in with Dr. Lonstein he will recommend another doc there that would be best for your surgery. He was great with us the past 10 years and I liked his conservative approach with my daughter.

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