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Thread: Dr. Thomas Errico, NYU Joint Diseases

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    Dr. Thomas Errico, NYU Joint Diseases

    Anyone have any feedback on Dr. Errico?

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    he has an excellent reputation in NYC...
    i think there are a few patients of his on forum...
    i typed dr errico into "keyword" under "advanced search," and several threads about him came up...
    go to top of page, click on "advanced search," and take it from there...

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    JamieAnn Guest
    Hi there,

    I had surgery with Dr. Errico about 11 months ago. I am doing absolutely fantastic, and am very happy with my results. Dr. Errico is the chief of spine surgery at NYC and he has a very good reputation. I have spoken to a few people involved in NYU since my surgery and I get a response like, "Oh you had Errico?? He's a big guy around here"

    I personally felt comfortable with Errico and that I could trust that he would do what's right and that he knew what he was doing.

    He is not the most talkative person, but he listens and answers questions thoroughly. I feel like he was pretty lax with post-op care but having read this forum for years I was so well prepared, I didn't need to solely rely on his information. There is so much to learn about this surgery, that I really feel the only way is to do a lot of research to prepare yourself.

    All in all, I am a huge fan of Errico.

    Best of luck,

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