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Thread: I am in Warwickshire, England now. I need HELP!!!

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    I am in Warwickshire, England now. I need HELP!!!

    Hello I'm posting this thread using my blackberry. I finally could make it to the UK. I came to study English but I want to make an appointment with any doctor who is an expert in dealing with scoliosis patients. Any clinic specialized in scoliosis near warwickshire? anyone in London? I would go to London or anywhere else if I had to. Just tell me where you recommend me to go.

    I won't have treatment because I will go back to my country in three weeks. I just want to know what I need to do about my scoliosis. I think imaybe I have chiari malformation as well so I really need to consult an expert if I can call him/her so.

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    There is a scoliosis forum based in the UK. You might want to post that question there.

    Here is the url:

    Good luck.
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