I’ve conquered the surgery question, now for the doctor…
I’ve posted here a few times and even spoken to a few of you (thank you all, you have been a tremendous help!) I have talked to all sorts of people (nurses, chinese medicine doctors, therapist, friends, family, etc…) and have finally resolved to the fact I need to have the surgery.
I actually made the surgery date awhile back for July 12 which has pushed me to really focus and realize the actuality. Now that I am accepting the need, I struggle with the doctor.
The doctor I made the appointment with is not listed/considered a scoliosis ‘specialist.’ He is the head of neurosurgery in Philly hospital who does most of his work on the spine, stenosis, scoliosis, etc, (can’t get any numbers of how many) and is well known/respected in his field.
I have a terrific personal support group there, my friends mother who is ‘famous’ in the medical field there rising from nursing to a COO of a hospital, on many boards, etc. She is the one who referred me to him. She has also recently been the support for a friend who had Hodgkens, osteoporosis and spinal fusion (don’t remember if they said scoliosis, but it was quite an extensive fusion and I cant imagine what else it would be.) I trust these friends opinions and respect them and feel safe with them.
I also like the idea that he is a neurosurgeon that leads a team, rather than just being on a team.
However, I know the forum heavily suggests scoli specialists.
Can there be a fine doctor for scoliosis patients but not listed/member?
Am I taking too big a risk? what is it?