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Thread: arthritis in knees (45 years post-fusion)

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    arthritis in knees (45 years post-fusion)

    I had my spinal fusion with a single Harrington rod nearly 45 years ago in Minnesota, with Dr. Bob Winter. Though he wrote the book, this was early years, and yes, I do seem to have flatback.

    Surviving the back. But over the course of the last year or so, my knees have gone to achy once in a while to hurting so badly I can barely walk on them. I have an appointment tomorrow to see an orthopod about them.

    My questions to any of you out there with a similar situation:

    1) Has anyone found or been told that being basically crooked can affect knee wear and tear?
    2) I'm afraid he's going to suggest knee replacement - I really am resistant to this (though my xrays show very little cartilage left on the inside of each knee), mostly because I don't know how both still being curved (30 degrees left after surgery) and having flatback (with the leaning and hyperextending knees) would affect the outcome. I'm guessing this isn't your garden variety situation.

    Any wisdom out there?


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    hi elin
    welcome to the forum...

    i have not had spinal surgery...yet..
    i do have a T 42 degree curve, L61 hypokyphosis, spinal stenosis, listhesis, degenerative disc disease, rotation, & a few other things i have forgotten..or blocked out!

    i started having knee pain this past year...was surprised when MRI (ordered by my pain management doc) showed left knee has medial meniscus tear, right knee has a cyst plus "arthritic changes"...
    my pain is worse walking down stairs or downhill, but i also have pain when laying down and not moving!
    i have been told it is from "normal wear and tear" on knees, & it comes with age....
    but i need to schedule an appt with a knee specialist...

    i do know other people my age without knee problems...sooooo...
    i am not sure if it is related to the scoli, etc....
    my pain doc (the one in Manhattan...i have 2 now) negates anything being caused by the scoli, & is against my having surgery...
    so i want other opinions....

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