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Thread: Removing screws and rods?

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    My surgery was almost three years ago and I still itch all the time. The itching was there immediately after surgery. I also have an allergy to adhesive tape, so I was a real mess. I had everyone who came into my hospital room scratching my back. They'd rub on top of the tape and around the tape's edges. When I say everyone, I mean the doctors, interns, nurses, nurse's aids, visitors, family, social worker....anyone who had at least one hand. I'd roll onto my side and say "scratch". When I was on my back when someone came in, they could really do a good job.

    At first I had a rash but not now. I'm interested in Blondy's experience, too. Blondy, have you mentioned this to your doctor?

    The itching is still there all the time. Even though I take allergy meds, I can still feel it. I'm always getting the family to scratch me. No, it doesn't relieve it, it just feels really good while they are doing it.

    Whenever I get into something else I am allergic to, my back itches worse than ever, madly, wildly. It is quite an experience.
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