I had my first scoliosis surgery in May 2002 at age 52. I am now contemplating having the screws removed, or rods and screws removed, depending on what is inside and how it looks.

The screws are so painful, I'm about to go crazy. Right at the top of the rods, and right where the back bra strap crosses my back are the painful areas. My doctor says it's because I am "so thin". I could lose a good 20 pounds before I'd be "just right" - not to heavy, not too thin.

My question is: has anyone else ever had just the screws removed? What about rod removal? Does the spine try to curve again? I've spoken to my doctor, but I'd like to hear from experienced patients. I'm told it's supposed to be fused completely, but I'm still concerned.

I guess I'm just afraid my spine will add more curves. I still have three curves and will never be fully straight because of the degrees of my original curves before surgery and my age. I'm afraid the osteoporosis at the top will turn the upper spine to mush without the rods. And I do dread the thought of more cutting, especially since I caught a staph infection the first time around.

Any thoughts?