Hi everyone. I'm new to posting here; although, I've been reading for a while. I am having surgery on 5/27/11. I'm at 48 thorac and 31 Lumbar, but I'm only having a thorasic correction. So, I'm having a lot of anxiety about the surgery and find myself hoping I'm not making a mistake. i went from a 31 degree curve to 48 in two years time. I wore a Boston brace when I was younger but was told that it would not increase once I stopped growing... In any event, I have a lot of spasiming as a result of the change and am starting to have rib and lung restriction, so I know in my head that I have to have the surgery but I am still really anxious.

Also has anyone here had surgery with Dr. Sharma in NY? If so how did it go and what were your thoughts about him???