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Thread: Dr Gupta UC Davis & Shriners, anyone ??

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    Dr Gupta UC Davis & Shriners, anyone ??

    Any experience with Dr Gupta? He seems very nice confident that he can fix my daughters back. She has a 59 upper 39 lower curve.
    Just found it and it's rapidly progressing.
    Surgery this summer ...
    I have been worried but this chat thing is good to hear all the success stories.
    She is 13.
    Thanks for feedback.
    Does anyone reccommend "banking her blood"?
    I am not familiar w that...

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    Hi KR....

    If you do a search (see the search box above) on Munish Gupta, you'll find several mentions of him.

    I think most surgeons no longer ask patients to bank blood. First, your daughter actually has a better chance of not needing blood than needing it. And, if she does need blood, blood bank blood is thought to be very safe. Giving blood can be pretty traumatic for kids, so I would only consider it if my surgeon pushed it.

    Good luck!

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