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Thread: Pain Management Videos

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    Pain Management Videos

    Here's a site with a collection of videos for the education of the medical community.

    Here's a link to the pain management videos if anyone is interested in these types of videos.

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    Looking to reduce/manage back pain

    I have a severe curve (Lumbar 87, Thoracic 70) and am looking to manage pain by strengthening core muscles. I talked to trainer at the gym I go to and I would consider this were it not for the cost (about $60/session at about 2 sessions per week). So I've started searching for other ways to get training. A friend mentioned a DVD set called P90X. Although they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, I hesitate because its purpose is more than what I need. I may still try this, but in the meantime I want to see what other suggestions are out there. DVDs sound good because it's something I'd have for life.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
    as of 9/04:
    upper thoracic 23
    lower thoracic 57
    lower lumbar 80
    pelvic tilt of L3 38

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