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Thread: Late onset infection (16 yrs after original surgery)

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    Late onset infection (16 yrs after original surgery)


    I have recently learned that the draining sore on my back (located directly on my scar) is actually an infection. The dr who performed the surgery 16 yrs ago has told me that I now require another surgery in order to clean up the infection but that removal of the instrumentation may also be necessary (he won't know for sure until he goes in). I'm now on antibiotics until I have the surgery in the fall. The research I've done talked about an incidence rate of 1.7-6%, and the average was 5 yrs post surgery -- not 16.

    I tried to search this forum but often the infection was related to the original surgery. Is there anyone out there that has experienced something similar? I'm very interested in hearing your experiences.


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    In Oct, when my surgeon was explaining to me the possible reasons for my discomfort (as we scheduled my hardware removal), I remember that he said an infection can be present (in the hardware) and remain asymptomatic for a long time, and that he had one pt who was 11 years post-op before she exhibited any symptoms.

    Hopefully, it'll be an easy fix. Good luck!
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    Hi Katherine...

    Although relatively rare, we've seen patients who have infections well after the initial surgery.

    Here's a case study:

    I don't think anyone really knows how many of these late onset infections occur, because so many people would have changed physicians (because they moved, because they are no longer a pedatric patient, because their physican is no longer practicing, etc.).

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    Thanks, Linda & MGS.

    Has anyone heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat/erradicate the infection? I fear my doc might laugh me out of his office if I broach it. As you can probably tell, I'm not keen on surgery and am willing to try alternative treatments.

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    I don't know about Hyperbaric O2 treatments but I wanted to comment on the delayed infection.

    My boss recently had an infection in his artificial knee (knee replacement) 10+ years after it was done. He'd had no trouble with the artificial joint for all of those years. He ended up with IV antibiotics and a series of surgeries and came out great with another new knee.

    He was told that the problem could have resulted from a cut on his leg some time prior to his knee swelling up or some dental problems he'd had a few months prior also.

    Best wishes to you as you treat this!

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