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Thread: Research trends in IS etiology in 2000

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    Before we look at how surgeons decide to use bracing, it should be pointed out that when asked why surgeons use bracing without convincing evidence that it works, there is agreement that the chance to reduce the risk of needing surgery is worth the effort.
    I have highlighted the correct side of the quote for you. It is worthwhile to try and avoid major spine surgery in people. Good surgeons will realize this. It is good for surgeons to look out for the people that always end up with complications in medical procedures, especially major spinal surgery.

    The most interesting points in that article from Dr. Sponseller are:

    "All girls should be at least 2 years past the point of beginning their menstrual cycle (period). "

    Thank goodness for the recognition that braces should be worn for a longer period of time than what is normally prescribed! Maybe they'll end up getting better bracing results.

    My daughter is 2 years, four months from menarche, and she is still growing. She has added another 3/4 of an inch since November's ortho appt according to her orthotist's measurement of her height yesterday.

    "Other risk factors that predict no change with bracing include 1) the presence of other major health problems that could interfere with wearing the brace, 2) children who do not want to wear a brace, or 3) parents who do not accept the idea of bracing."

    Those parents or patients who adamantly don't accept bracing should simply accept the fact that they are at risk of non-success at bracing and perhaps should spare themselves the agony, and leave other people's personal bracing decisions to the other patients' families.
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