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Thread: Scathing exposé - chiro spinal decompression in Canada

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    Scathing exposé - chiro spinal decompression in Canada

    Sharon, mother of identical twin girls with scoliosis

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    It's too bad because from what I've read there is a population it is effective for if properly identified. I have read support for decompression from orthopedic surgeons for pain management and even avoiding surgery (not for scoli, just bad discs). This story is completely one-sided and is using one clinic to represent all decompression therapy. It represents everything I hate about television "news".

    Personally, I have done decompression therapy and had pain relief from it. I only stopped when my insurance changed and it got expensive (but not the $5000 they are talking about which they never explain) and I discovered the inversion table which I can do more often from home and its much cheaper.
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    I have a friend who has bad discs and uses the inversions chair with success. That's much cheaper, not saying that decompression therapy can't work for some folks because it obviously does. It doesn't work for everyone and in my opinion it's not worth the cost to go the route in the article when much cheaper decompression methods are available.

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    Had a friend that got a stroke when one of those decompression machines, pinched an artery. I suggest people save their money. The inversion table does the same thing and is a lot cheape.


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    This was one method I utilized after dealing with crippling sciatica on and off for many years. The company that made the machinery (Different machine company) did not recommend this treatment for scoli’s but I was desperate in the end. It was my decision. Please remember that I used to jump off high cliffs on skis, now that’s a great example of extreme force. An extreme skier died last week at Kirkwood at the freeski competitions. He landed hard after a 50 footer, on hardpack, and broke both legs and his pelvis.

    We did about 8 pull sessions, with an approximate 50# max pull. My lower back was so raw, I could not continue with treatments. After 4 days of rest, my sciatica pain expired. I guess the discs retracted? Anyone who has extreme sciatica, (4 herniations) knows how difficult it is to get any relief. This method DID work for me.......$200 cash per session with adjustments and ultrasound.

    Chiros do not use MRI’s or CT scans...these are very expensive diagnostic tests and I doubt that any insurance company would pay by orders from a Chiropractor.

    Anyone who has scoliosis needs to have a scoliosis surgeon make that evaluation. This should be the first step. Only after this is done, you can ask the surgeon if any other treatments are acceptable. I have had permission from my surgeon for Chiropractic (my neck) and was granted that permission.

    It is a shame that the news comes in swinging so hard. I guess that would have been a good day for that guy to “call in sick” LOL Talk about a tough day at the office. “How was your day honey?”

    Inversion tables utilize gravitation, in which the soft tissues do counter that force. Pulling with a device goes beyond that. Its nothing new, Hippocrates was doing this before Christ. Its called a rack.

    Is there a margin of error or calculated risk in ANY and every health decision?
    I would say so. This includes exercise.
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