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Thread: Changing colors???

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    Changing colors???

    Hi All,
    I am posting this in the revision thread because I am assuming it has something to do with the broken rods.

    About a week ago I felt another one of those dreaded "rod breaking" pops, this time higher up, and on the left side. Since then there has been the annoyance of the creaking, popping, and grinding, but now in two locales along the length. I am assuming I broke the left rod somewhere around least that is what it feels like. I could be wrong, but if that rods comes out in less than 3 pieces I'll be shocked.
    In either case, I have been fairly swollen in that area in the last week. But the other day my husband noticed that my scar has darkened around that same area, and almost looks "purple-ish".

    Anyone have this happen to them? I'm not super worried about it, since it doesn't seem to be doing anything that feels abnormal (ie...abnormal when a rod is broken), but it does seem a little strange.
    At the times I am most swollen is when it appears more purple/darker.
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    Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!!! You certainly have it all going for you, Fierce! If I were you, I would give my surgeon a call and let him know about the color change, (or at least someone from his office) just to make sure there isn't some urgency needed with this. I don't know if that could be an indicator of an infection... or just an irritation.
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