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Thread: Muscular problems after surgery?

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    Muscular problems after surgery?

    I had a L1-L5 fusion in 2001. Ulmost immed. afterward I started leaning to the right.
    Then I had a right-side THR surgery in 2007 & now have to wear a 1 1/2" lift in my right shoe. Instead of making me taller on the new hip side, like is most common, I on now shorter by 2 mm on that side. So between the two surgeries I developed surgery-induced scoliosis.

    Last May I had a sacrum to T8 surgery with fusions, rods & pins & I wear a 1 1/2" lift in my right shoe. Now I need the rest fused with rods, etc. from above my fusions almost to my neck. The doc left a little ladder at the top of the rods because we knew this might be necessary because I have kyphosis above. He had hoped that PT might be enough, but it wasn't. So I'll probably have the next surgery in Sept.

    The main problem I have had is that no matter how much PT I do my muscles are still leaning to the right even with the rods & hardware. I try to sit & stand as straight as I can, but it's almost useless. Now I'm leaning to the side & leaning more & more frontward. It's very hard to stand up at all sometimes & never can I completely straighten all the way up. I was very surprised to find that most children don't even need PT after their surgeries. In my case I guess my body was so used to leaning that even with the rods the muscles go the old way.

    Any help with suggestions would be very welcomed.
    Bev in Santa Cruz Mountains, CA, USA
    Dr. Summa, Aptos, CA

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    Fusion from T1 to L2 - 16 years later neck hurts horribly


    I am sorry I am not responding to your thread but I didn't know where to post a new question. When I was 26, I had spinal fusion from T-2 to L-2 (only after the rod broke off at T-11 two weeks after surgery) and rods put in. Now, at age 42, my neck seems to be very hunched. I thought the surgery was supposed to cure this. Why is my neck hunched and hurting? Is it because that part of my back takes all the stress? I am very uncomfortable and would love to get some straightness back. Can anyone recommend exercises that would fix this condition? Does anyone else have this problem? Thank you.

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