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    Doctor Brian O'Shaunessy from the Allen Howell Clinic in Nashville Tennessee was wonderful. For 16 years I have walked bent over due to failed rods from a back fracture. I am 2 months post op and standing straight. The care I recieved from him and his wife who is a plastic surgeon Doctor Christine O'Shaunessy was excellant every step of the way. I had 2 surgeries 4 days apart complete back reconstruction T2 to the sacral with a few complications due to my nutrition from a large weight loss dieting prior to surgery. His patient manager put up with my complaints and at one point the hospital was going to send me to a nursing home to rehab which had me very upset to the point of tears. In no time he came to my room with his patient manager, who I called "Reba" as she looks very much like the singer, and the Misses and it was more like family for support. They assured me that I would go to a Rehab facility that I chosen. I am completely pleased with this doctor and got his name from a list through the scoliosis foundation after reading a posting stating don't have your surgery in the south. God truly Blessed this man with the hands and bed side manner he gave him plus a sweet beautiful wife. I had the biggest blessing by comming to this website. I am a former New Yorker , Registered Nurse (not able to practice since an accident 16 yrs. ago), grandma of 15 great-grandma of 3&1/3 and will be 60 years young this year. Thanks to this surgery if it continues to go this well I plan on going back to work. Thank you to those on this website who helped me through the decision to have this done.
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    great news! what a wonderful and inspiring story! you, for your courage and strength, and to your doctor as well!
    i hope you get better by the day!


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    Congrats on a great result and a new lease on life!! I'm glad you found the doc who is a "patient care gold standard". . .now you can enjoy those great-grandbabies even more!!!!

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