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Thread: Crazy New treatment?

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    Hello Sherie

    Hey Sherie, How are you? Good to hear from you again. I know it is crazy how time flys. My son is now seven and growing up fast. Unfortunately I am still no better. And although I would welcome surgery now, at my current rate of progression I may not qualify until I am in my late fifties (i am 38 now). So another 20 yrs of pain maybe? Of course some doctor will likely tell me I am too old then to have surgery. I looked at your daughters photos of her surgery. That is absolutely incredible. Her spine is as straight as an arrow! How is she now? You guys must be thrilled. What is that pain patch called? I am going to china in March. Maybe I can get it there. All the best Dave

    I tried that stretch for the hip thing we both cant spell. Wow that is a good one! I can feel my right leg is way tighter than my left. I will keep on that one. Thanx, Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bish View Post
    I looked at your daughters photos of her surgery. That is absolutely incredible. Her spine is as straight as an arrow!
    That correctioin rises to the level of artwork in my opinion. All planes. Perfect balance.
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    It's called Mohrus Tape. It contains Ketoprofen and is specifically for back pain. It's very effective.

    Here's a link to more info about the patch:

    According to the article, they're trying to expand into N.Amer. She's tried the Salonpas which is made by the same company and is available over the counter. It's not as good and the adhesive is strong and hurts when she pulls it off her back.

    Sheena's doing great. I don't know why but she still has back pain episodes that last a long time once they start but they're not seemingly intolerable. She's still going about her business most of the time, once in a while it's bad enough that she doesn't feel like doing much. Still, it's nothing compared to before where it was a daily occurence (I'm sure you know what she went through).

    I think it might be possible to have surgery at 40 degrees, especially when it's accompanied by pain. I know you have to deal with the canadian system so it might be different.

    Have you thought about the Spinecor? I believe it would provide some relief from pain because of the support. Sheena wore it for about a year. It was pretty effective as far as her posture and minimizing pain but it's really hot here in the summer and that part of it was very uncomfortable for her. She wore a shirt under, the brace and a shirt over, it's a bit much when it's 100 outside but you wouldn't have that problem up there You could definitely call or email the doctors there in Montreal and discuss it with them. I emailed Dr. Colliard and she responded back to my questions very frankly.
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    The topical cream that my physiatrist prescribed contains ketoprofen, lidocaine, gabapentin, and amitriptyline. I didn't expect it to work, but it seems to be taking the edge off of at least some of the sore spots. I live in the USA. It's a private concoction made up by one of the docs in my clinic.

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    If my scoliosis was interferring with my breathing (like the wait-and-see doc stated could happen (doc specialized in osteoperosis (a bone doc)) or if I was in pain, then maybe, yes. But, since I feel great it feels like it's something I shouldn't do. I'm not anti-doc (I've even had a few surgeries). Either my xray report was wrong ("moderate") or my stretching and strengthening routine has helped at least somewhat... I was exercising before but nothing back targeting. I have not had the constant lower back pain that initially drove me to a specialist for about 18 months. I even started a bike club. I do feel that my back gets "tired" feeling too quickly so I will have to keep working on it. Also, I am not "cured." I do see that even though my waist now goes in on both sides and my one rib is not sticking out by its lonesome, if I feel my back and lean over I still can tell my back goes to the left just a little right where it connects to the ribs. And, I still have a lot more muscle mass on my left side. It has evened out a lot, but I still have a lot more muscle on the one side. One would definitely have to look a lot harder to detect the problem. And, when I breath in very deep I don't think my ribs are perfectly symetrical (I'm thin so its easy to see). I actually recall that when I had my child (29 years ago), my hip and my lowest rib on the left side audibly popped out of joint and afterwards popped back in. It hurt for days afterwards. Perhaps it has something to do with the hyperflexibility factor. Who knows...

    Quote Originally Posted by jrnyc View Post
    hi jean
    do you not want to find out the size of your curves..?
    it might be good to have your scoliosis followed by a top surgeon, to know if/how much progression is happening...
    are you interested in a good pain management doctor to help you, as well..?

    i have had a top surgeon following my scoliosis and other spinal problems for 6+ years now...
    if/when i do the surgery, he will be the guy to do it...

    best of luck..

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    Sparky is very cute!

    Quote Originally Posted by jrnyc View Post
    oh, thank you...
    Sparky is my secret weapon against pain!
    i waited all my life for a dog of my own, til i retired from working 2 jobs and never being home!
    after waiting so long, i got a little angel!


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    Sparky says "woof...thanks... mommy and daddy think i am the cutest!"

    woof woof

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    Recent studies have found that Ketoprofen, like Diclofenac is a veterinary drug causing lethal effects in Red-headed Vultures. Vultures feeding on the carcasses of recently-treated livestock suffer acute kidney failure within days of exposure.

    I just wanted to point this out. We normally do not see things like this too often. If you take this drug, and a mosquito bites you and suddenly falls to the ground, there might be something wrong. LOL

    (Vets use very high levels of meds on large animals).

    Always read the fine print when you take meds.
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    Question pain patches

    There is a diclofenac patch called Flector available in the USA by prescription. I fell on my prominent rib and had alot of pain--couldn't breath. Consulted a pain doc who prescribed it during the healing process. It was very effective however I am allergic to propylene glycol used as a stabilzer in many products and I got a rash from the adhesive in it.

    I found out about the propylene glycol when I went to a dermatologist at a University derm dept. All the previous local dermatologists would prescribe cortisone creams with propylene glycol in the formulation and any rash I had would't get better. I had skin patch testing.
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    Did I miss something earlier about diclofenac??? (As in something BAD?) I've been taking it for a long time for my arthritis... it's the only one that seems to work for me.
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