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Thread: Pain Treatment

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    Pain Treatment

    I'm 58 with long history of surgery (over 10 procedures to date) do to scoliosis. My last diagnosis if I recall was scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, pseudoarthrosis, sponlilolithesis just to name a few. I retired about 12 years ago because of the sciatica pain down my right leg. My ortho is over 4 hours away and my GP suggested a neuro stimulator or pain pump. I did some research and came across radiofrequency ablation. I have been on the fentanly or duragesic patch but after 5 years of that, it's not working and I hate feeling so drugged due to oral meds.

    I'm looking for anyone who may have a similar story and their success rate. I know I will never be pain free. I haven't been that for ovr 40 years, but I am praying for some relief.

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    as i said on other thread, nerve ablation didn't help me much...
    depends where they kill the nerve, which nerves are causing the pain...


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