There is a huge pot of funds that any number of groups would like to get their hands on. It's the budget for treatment of scoliosis with bracing. Very roughly, if there are 30,000 braces being used in any given year, that's roughly a ninety million dollar brace market, using an approximate average cost of $3,000 per brace.

I remember the bracing funding has even been mentioned by the Braist trial administrator as a source of funding for childhood obesity treatment.

Axial Biotech is trying to sell the idea of every young scoli patient (in the future, when all racial databases are set up) taking a $2,500 genetic test. How are they going to sell this to insurance companies, when medical funds are actually limited and not limitless like lots of people believe?

(Axial Biotech, for those who do not know, has partnered with DePuy Spine, the second largest spine company in the world to exclusively market, sell and distribute the Scoliscore test. DePuy Spine is a division of Johnson & Johnson).

That's where the design of the test comes in. Instead of designing the test to determine which patients will progress past thirty degrees, which would help determine who would benefit from bracing, they have designed it so it instead will determine which scoliosis patients will reach surgical territory with a large deformity. (Reminiscent of the non-treatment plan at Our Lady's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland and yes, we did send our spine surgeons over there to investigate their "treatment" program.)

As far as I can tell, they are planning on having 75 percent of scoliosis patients not get treated with conventional methods and treating the remaining 25% of the scoli patient population with surgical methods.

How does that 75 percent of scoliosis patients feel, knowing that their curve could well progress from 20 or 25 degrees and minimally noticeable to a very noticeable deformity ...without treatment? And of course, there's always a margin of error, so some small percentage of those who are told they won't reach the surgical level will increase to surgery anyway since they have designed it not to be 100% inclusive.

I suggest the scoli parent population needs to become informed and learn what this test actually means for them because Johnson & Johnson has lots of power and the means and methods to make it happen. And unless you're vocal, it's leading to no treatment for 75 percent of scoli patients. (Until you progress in adulthood, of course, due to the large curve you were left with due to the no treatment plan).