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Thread: AIS, low level of fitness & poor nutrition... Is there a connection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hdugger View Post

    American researchers - not so much. Not sure why that would be.
    Well, according to one player in this little sandbox, at least Ogilvie and his ilk are barking up the wrong tree because they are just too dumb. That player offered to save Ogilvie 20 years of wasted research if he would only listen to a lay parent who doesn't have a grasp of the issues whatsoever.

    That's one opinion.

    My opinion is that the research is all over the map because the condition is so heterogeneous and so complex and so variable that researchers can't even narrow it down past genetics to metabolic or nervous system or whatever. So we see funded research on completely independent hypotheses. It sounds remarkable to me but I'm not in the medical research field and this amount of scatter might be usual.

    I think it is fair to suggest that an empirical definitive solution will be adduced before they figure out the etiology. And I think it will be a non-fusion surgery that straightens and stabilizes the spine without giving up flexibility. I don't think something like a pill will be doing the trick here but I have no idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrnyc View Post

    but if sun screen...that we are berated to use, causes anything negative like this, that would be really...well, just REALLY!!

    darned if you do, darned if you sun screen, cancer...sunscreen, way to win!
    Yes, exactly. I've found a few more cautions about too much sun screen leading to possible bone problems, including scoliosis, so I think the warning is real.

    We always ignored the warning to stay out of the sun, btw. I think the only tiime I put sunscreen on my kid was when he was going to be at the beach for hours. But, when we moved to the northern latitudes, there just wasn't any way to get enough sun.

    Interestingly, since he's been at college in a sunny climate, his curve has stopped progressing (and maybe even reduced a little bit). That's easily confounded with his age/growth spurt, but I do find it interesting.

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    Just throwing in my own experience...

    My parents started both my sister and I on calcium supplements at least a few years before we got our periods. And we had a very nutritious diet otherwise. But I do remember being told that I was mildly anemic at a routine physical when I was a teen -- not sure how iron factors in, if at all.

    I think I probably got the usual amount of sun exposure that most kids get. We weren't in a tropical climate, but I played outside most days in the summer without sunblock, unless on the beach. Although, when I was maybe 6 or 7 I was very sensitive to the sun and would have to wear long t-shirts at the beach to avoid heat rash.

    I think someone also mentioned a reaction to a vaccine. I got very sick from one of my first shots as a baby, not sure which one it was.
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    i always avoided the mother, who had beautiful porcelain skin, warned me early about what sun does to skin...

    but i didn't know to take Vit D until a few years ago, when i started using a hormone doctor in CA...been taking the stuff 12 months a year ever since....

    i wish i'd known to take calcium years earlier than when i started...i don't know if that would have prevented my current osteopenia...but i am Caucasian, thin, small boned, etc...all the markers...i do know some who took calcium younger, exercised, and still got osteo! very genetic....


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    I've never been one for sunscreen and it does actually get quite hot up here in July/August. Maybe not as hot as a lot of you southerners are used to but fairly hot by our standards. This summer it got up to the high 30C and the summer before that it got up to 40C (sorry, I'm really bad at converting to F) with the humidity and wow was that ever unpleasant b/c none of us have air conditioners. My poor chinchillas had to have fans blowing in their room to keep the air cool as well as they had chilled tiles in their cages along with frozen water bottles. It did help that their room is downstairs and faces north.

    My son stayed inside throughout the whole summer and I wish I had forced him out of his bat cave and exposed him to sun rays but he just absolutely hated the sun and heat and his skin was so white. We at least should have been giving him vitamin D back then but we didn't know anything about it. He's on it now but it's not going to do anything about his crooked spine but maybe it will help his bones anyway somehow. I should probably be adding some calcium as well. I've just never been one to take all kinds of vitamins and supplements but I suppose some of them do do a body good. Hindsight is always 20/20 I guess.
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