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Thread: Scuba Steve Revision

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    Wow Ti Ed! That's amazing. I sent my husband that link. He is taking his written diving certification test today and will take the in water test next weekend I think.
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    Fantastic! And everyone thought it was all about the rubber.... LOL You will never run into a better bunch of people.

    Years ago, I was diving without my C cards for pain and eventually did a “drift” dive in the Maui channel. They took me out and we drifted about 3 miles through spectacular scenery. I was stoked and contemplating testing to get my certification sitting on the back of the boat thinking about Jacques Cousteau, and what a great way to live ones life exploring the underwater world. I watched all those undersea world episodes when a kid.

    I went back to my hotel room, turned on the news and Cousteau had passed away. 06/25/97 was the day I became truly hooked. Interesting huh?

    Well, North Carolina is a darn good state for diving due to all those wrecks. The next best place to wreck dive would be Truk lagoon which is pretty far way.

    Pretty soon, your husband will get hooked and will want to destination dive. It’s a bad affliction, yearning to go to Coco’s island, Galapogos,etc. It creates more stress than scoliosis surgery.

    For the Carribean, The Cayman islands, Bloody bay wall on Little Cayman rates very high, and I have also been told to go to Turks and Caicos.....

    He will need his open water general card, then his advanced card and his general nitrox. When you get older, its wiser to dive nitrox. Its air, with more oxygen in the mix. Many boats require these certs....You don’t want to go out in the middle of nowhere and not be trained.

    Steve is reading this thinking “Oh man, Ed your killing me” Divers dreams.........More reason to recover quickly.
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    T ed

    Ed how right you are!
    I keep praying that yesterday wasn't going to be my last dive.
    I don't think God would take that away from me.
    Will be leaving for Tampa in A.M.
    Thanks for prayers and thoughts.

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    Didn't anyone tell you? The First Annual Scoli Forumites convention is being held at your place in 2012. You have to get better and teach us all how to dive...

    Please add me to your prayer chain for next week, and then some. Hang in there and enjoy these Pre days with your family!
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    Measured T-57, L-56 in 2010, different doc
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    Boy, am I out of you guys's league on this thread! Wow, you guys are amazing. Janet

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