Hi Everyone,

I am finally able to write an update without the drugs getting in the way . I wanted to give you all an update on my progress - my surgery was last Tuesday the 28th, and I came home yesterday afternoon. I was in the hospital for 5 1/2 days.

I don't really hear about others having to do this, but I had to use ointment in my nose twice daily for 5 days leading up to surgery to protect against MRSA. I also had to use antibacterial wipes the night before and morning of surgery - those were AWFUL. I ended up in tears from all of the stickiness, discomfort, stinging, burning. I really broke down the night before the surgery because I wasn't even able to be comfortable and relax.

We arrived the morning of surgery 40 minutes early and sat next to a really sweet lady also having surgery with another doctor at the same exact time as me. This was her second scoli surgery, extending her fusion. She gave me words of wisdom and a hug when I was teary-eyed in the pre-op room. I was so thankful for her. Later on that day I found out she had a lot of bleeding and they had to stop her surgery - I was so saddened because I truly hoped for the best possible surgery. I hope she is doing ok somewhere out there!

Surgery went well. They had intended to fuse T5-L2, and were able to only fuse down to T1, which of course is good. I remember waking up in the PACU with little to no pain and I instantly wiggled my toes. I have a vague memory of them pulling out the breathing tube, but it didn't hurt I suppose because of all of the drugs. The nurse was so sweet and all I kept asking for was ice chips - I was SO thirsty!

One by one my husband, sister, mom and dad came in to see me. I was talking quietly but was really quite with it. I remember being wheeled into my room and remember most of the entire hospital stay from then on.

Of course things like having to get out of bed and go to the bathroom on my own were not fun. The very worst part for me was nausea - not being able to eat and being on morphine, and having to get up and walk around to pee made me vomit a few times. That was obviously less than pleasant. I remember being in the bathroom, my mom holding a bin for me to vomit in, and I was like OMG this is just the worst. The next day my sister was helping me to go to the bathroom. I tell ya, it is really important to have close people you trust with you in the hospital because you really need to just bare it all! We ended up laughing (and of course it hurt to laugh) at certain times.

I paid for my own room, $390 a night, which I felt was VERY worth it. I never had to worry about bothering anyone else. My husband had this semi-uncomfortable lounge chair to sleep in and he stayed the entire time. I did not get my own night nurse and funny enough it turned out my DAY nurses were not as good as the night nurses. I ended up having fabulous night care.

They kept me an extra day just because I was still draining fluid and they finally pulled it out yesterday morning. I had a visiting nurse come by today and she changed the dressing as I am having drainage in one area. I am praying this is normal and she assured me not to freak out, but I am just so paranoid about getting an infection. So, fingers crossed there..

Getting up and around is easier by the day. I don't use a walker or cane around the house - I just need someone to help me lift myself out of bed and off the couch. I use a cane just walking around outside and late at night just in case I lose my balance. I also had a PT person stop by today and he said I am doing great.

My mother is staying with my husband and I for the week, which has been a huge help. The amount of little things you need is really ridiculous - can you reach for that, can you refill my water glass, can you help me up, etc..

If it weren't for this forum I wouldn't be prepared for the INCREDIBLE bloating I have. I look 30 pounds heavier. I am also still not aligned muscles-wise but from what I have read this is all normal and will come in time. I am having real issues with the bloating though - this constipation is terrible.

I will keep you all posted! I hope my story will help others prepare..

Thank you all for your help, support and kind words.