My 7 yr old daughter has had scoliosis since she was about 6 mo old. Although it got severe fairly early (100 degrees by 3 or 4) it had stayed stable for the last 3 yrs or so. That changed dramatically over the past 6 months. Her curve went from 108 to 130 and now there is nothing to do but surgery. We are in the very early stages and don't even know who her surgeon will be. We initally saw Dr. Lenke (STL) but his schedule is booked solid through 2012 and he said she couldn't wait that long so he is referrering us to either Dr. Luhmann or Dr. Bridwell. I'm thinking Dr. Bridwell as my daughter also has congenital muscular dystrophy and I was told Bridwell worked with most of the MD kids. So Lenke said growing rods. Does anyone know the different reasons for using growing rods vs VEPTR? Also, he said she would have to be in a halo for 2 to 3 weeks prior to surgery. My sister was in a halo for 3 months at the age of 19 and it does not bring up pleasant thoughts. I was wondering if any other parents had children that wore the halo and what there experience was. They tried to tell me she might actually like it b/c it would allow her to breath easier. Hmmmmmm.

Any feedback would be appreciated!