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Thread: 7 wks and 1 day to go...

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    7 wks and 1 day to go...

    I've done so much research and reading but as time gets closer I am getting more and more anxious / nervous. On one hand I want the time to be here so that I can begin the healing process and on the other I'm a nervous wreck!

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    You're in the hardest time.. .at least for me it was the hardest time. Fear of the unknown (I had as much info as I could have, mostly thanks to this website. . but, what would it be like for me?). . .the naysayers were at every corner ("Didn't anyone EVER tell you to NEVER have back surgery?"). . .but, I knew that I needed to this. My immediate post-op course had its problems, and I face revison surgery (I just look at it as "tweeking" a long fusion). However, I have never, for one nanosecond, doubted that I did the right thing in having my surgery.

    I (with the help of my surgeon) can fix a known problem. . .it's the "what if's" and the "how bad's" that were my real challenges.

    Fill up these next 7 weeks with as much fun as it's legal to have. . .and know that the fun in your life WILL be back.

    Good luck!

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    the hardest time

    yes, it is the hardest time; once it's over, you deal (you have no choice)

    during my career as a surgeon, many times i did a biopsy and there would be a period of days before the diagnosis came back; people were more anxious, it seemed, during this interval, even than after i had to give them an unfavorable diagnosis

    i don't think there's any answer except distract yourself and focus on the positive; and watch out for what people will try to tell you; everyone, it seems, wants to be an expert and does so by telling others "yeah, my uncle's cousin's ex-wife's former landlord had that done and both legs turned black and fell off" or some such ridiculous 3rd or 9th hand crap. Don't listen to them! listen to your doctors, others don't know all the details of your case even if they can claim some sort of expertise
    59 yo recently retired otolaryngologist (ENT surgeon)
    schedule oct 2010 for T11 - sacrum fusion, all posterior approach with pedicle screws, steels rods, revision decompression left L3-4, right L4-5 & L5-S1, transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion L3-4 L4-5 L5-S1
    with titanium cages
    Dr Lenke, WashU/Barnes/Jewish St. Louis

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    I feel exactly the same as you, although I have longer to wait. On one hand, I want to "be on the other side" as they say on this forum and start the healing process, and then on the other hand, I want to continue as I am right now with no limitations and enjoying life in it's fullest. We just have to believe we are making the right decision for surgery and hope for the best!

    Surgery-Jan. 5, 2011-Dr. Lenke
    Fusion T-4-sacrum-2 cages/5 osteotomies
    70 degree thoracolumbar corrected to 25
    Rib Hump-GONE!
    Age-60 at the time of surgery
    Now 66
    Avid Golfer & Tap Dancer
    Retired Kdgn. Teacher

    See photobucket link for:
    Video of my 1st Day of Golf Post-Op-3/02/12-Bradenton, FL
    Before and After Picture of back 1/7/11
    tap dancing picture at 10 mos. post op 11/11/11-I'm the one on the right.

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    I know what you mean about the people that give stories in the "3rd or 9th hand"! I have full support of my family and friends which definitely helps! My stepmom is flying in to stay with me and take care of the kids while my husbands at work, plus I have my brother, sister, and friends willing to help out too. I can't seem to get enough information, and yes, I have gotten quite a bit from this forum as well! I've been continually writing questions down to ask my doctor when I go in next month so that he can talk to myself, my husband, and family about what to expect during surgery and after. The good thing is I have 4 kids that keep me plenty busy until the time comes!

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