This article has quotes from chiro school students...

Equivalent to Med School or a Joke?

So, based on what these chiropractors are telling us, it would appear that Chiropractic College really is just a fraud factory.

It appears that it is nothing more than a make-believe school put together by make-believe doctors designed to lure unsuspecting students into a career where they have to "fake it 'till they make it" as one school slogan seems to imply.

The evidence seems pretty overwhelming.

I do want to point out again that a complete bibliography with links to the original source material is included below so you can verify that I did not quote anyone out of context.

Every source quoted from is worth reading in its own right and will provide you with even more insights into this very controversial topic.
Here's a comparison of admission requirements of med school versus chiro school...

So we see that medical school obviously sets the higher standard for admission and is only looking to select the cream of the crop. They aren't trying to take a bunch of average students and somehow magically turn them into brilliant scholars.

Chiropractic schools on the other hand aren't so picky. They don't care who you are or what your motivation is. If you can obtain the minimum requirements and pay the tuition, you're in.

Here's what some chiropractors have to say about this situation:

… low entrance GPA requirement guarantees that chiropractors are the dumbest of all health care providers. [6]

Chiropractic schools are essentially trade schools, tuition dependent, and generally can not afford to be picky about choosing who's admitted. And because the schools require the tuition to remain open, they also can't afford to LOSE anyone, who, even at a chiropractic school, is below par. [7]

Chiropractic students STILL argue about why they have to take all this "medical stuff…" [7]

Of course, this low minimum standard does not mean that someone of superior intellect and abilities won't be part of the class. It just means there will be a lot of mediocre (or worse) doctors of chiropractic being turned loose to "practice" on the public.