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    Question 24 and confused

    I just found out that my 40 degree curve in my thorasic spine has gone to 45 degrees. and there is also a curve in my lumbar spine too. I leanred i have scoliosis when i was 14 but my mum refused to put me in a brace, even thought the doctor said it would significantly help. (I was born with malnutrition and my parents were neglectful)
    So now i am 24 years old and facing the prospect of having fusion and rods placed in my spine to prevent it getting worse.
    I know everyones condition is different but i just wanted to know the outcome of other peoples surgery. Did it help the pain? Did it improve your body, cosmetically?
    Thanks for reading!

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    Sorry to hear of your sad start to life. It's hard to answer your questions simply. I would urge you to read as much as you can on this site because there are lots of patients here who've had the surgery and tell their own stories. But bear in mind that lots of people have excellent outcomes and don't return to the board because they're just getting on with their lives, so the numbers who've had not such good outcomes is skewed.

    Being young, you have an excellent chance of success. I think we all do but for young people, recovery seems to be easier. It's major surgery and there are risks, but most of them are small.

    Speaking for myself, the surgery took away all my pain and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

    Good luck with your decision.
    Surgery March 3, 2009 at almost 58, now 63.
    Dr. Askin, Brisbane, Australia
    T4-Pelvis, Posterior only
    Osteotomies and Laminectomies
    Was 68 degrees, now 22 and pain free

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    I, also am saddened to read about you start in life, however, this surgery may be the beginning of a new life for you. One that is free of pain! I myself had this surgery and i can not begin to tell you, how happy i am with the outcome. I could hardly walk, stand or sit for long periods of time. For me the pain was gone fromthe moment i woke up from surgery. I did have some post-op discomfort, but it was very bearable (sp?). Like Jen said before me, read and research as much as you can as this will make your decision making easier and more comfortable for you. Best wishes.
    44 years young! now 45
    Surgery - June 1st, 2009
    Dr David Hall - Adelaide Spine Clinic
    St. Andrews Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia
    Pre-op curve - 58 degree lumbar
    Post -op - 5 degrees
    T11 - S1 Posterior
    L4/5 - L5/S1 Anterior Fusion

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    I'm sorry to hear that you started out life with malnutrition and negletful parents. That's always a tragedy to hear, especially when there are so many loving families that would love to adopt a child. My situation is similar to yours as far as the scoliosis is concerned (I had a good childhood for the most part). I had a stable upper thoracic curve that was around 40* and within the last two years it shot up to 46* and I developed a compensatory lower thoracic curve of 38*. Ironically, I'm having trouble finding a doctor that will operate on curves that "small". I've read about many forum members with curves in our range that have had surgery for them usually with good outcomes. I don't understand why everyone else has no problem finding docs that will help them, but I can't. I'm in excruciating pain without very strong pain meds, but that doesn't seem good enough for them. I'm also not getting any younger as I'm 41 years old.

    I would be sure and tell the doctor that is planning on doing your surgery about your childhood malnutrition. Maybe they can be sure to do a bone density test to make sure that your spine is otherwise healthy. You are so young and have a bright future ahead of you. Many people have their surgeries and go on to lead totally productive lives. I sincerely hope that you are one of these. You deserve the best adulthood since, as it seems, your childhood was robbed from you. Blessings to you and great big ((((HUGS))))!!!

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