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Thread: scoliosis and travel question

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    scoliosis and travel question

    Our 7 yr old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis in March and was braced this past June. She is wearing a Boston type brace 22-23 hrs a day.
    Though we just had her first set of x-rays about 2 wks ago and found that the brace was not correcting "in brace" not out of brace enough for the doctors liking. So she is getting a new brace in September, the current one is basically holding her at her 28 degree top curve and her lower 19 degree showed a tiny bit of improvment.
    Anyways my qusetion is this, we had planned and already paid for a family trip to Turks and Caicos this November BEFORE we found out she had Scoliosis. So now that she is to be in a brace 22-23 hrs a day,I was wondering if for that week while we are on vacation, would a few more hrs out a day for that week be a bad thing to do?
    I will for sure ask the doctor and orthotist but I mean we are at a Beaches Resort and with pools and beaches and snorkling, I do not think her being out for only 2 hrs a day will be much fun for her.
    I am so stressed on what to do. My hubby does not think in the scheme of things a few more hours for that one week will hurt her, since we are quite diligent on her being in it now for her alloted time. Anyone else have this experience or any ideas or tips or anything would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi! I am not a Dr., but in my humble opinion, I've always heard that swimming is the best exercise for your spine! Maybe time spent in the water doesn't count against brace time. I honestly thought my Dr. told me that when I wore my Boston Brace as a teenager. I think you should enjoy your vacation and let your daughter swim. Life is short and I wish we could spend more time swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, and swimming in a pool. Please don't feel guilty about it!! (I thought I would reply since it's been a few days and nobody seems to have an opinion on this one.)

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    I started scuba diving for my back 15 years ago. I never dove Turks and Caicos, but its on my list. I've had other divers rave about Turks.

    I'm a firm believer in ocean therapy. Its how I cured my sciatica. De-weighting and exercising in the ocean is such a relief on the spine and joints.

    Personally, I would cut her loose for a week. You are on vacation!
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    Hi Mommycat, when my daughter was first braced full-time and we were at the beach in summer for a week or so, we allowed her to be out of her brace probably about 4-6 hours a day, just depending on what she was doing. I was nervous about it like you so that seemed like a good compromise to us at that time. Later on, when we went on a week's vacation in Mexico at a resort, we allowed her to take it off after breakfast, and then put it back on when she decided she was done with the water for the day (this was with her doctor's and orthotist's blessing). Scoliosis is a long road, particularly for juvenile patients, and allowing yourself to let go of it once in a while, for vacations or other special occasions, is probably healthier in the long run for everyone. But I understand your worry.

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    My daughter is in her RSC brace 23 hours a day. Her orthotist said being in water up to her neck doesn't have to count as being "out of brace".

    We are going to Hershey Park next week and she will not be wearing her brace while we're at the amusement park. So that'll be two days where she's only wearing it 18 or so hours. She's so compliant the rest of the time that I'm not worried about cutting her a little slack.

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    Thank you all for your replys,
    her doctor does count in the water as out of brace time, but I think for that week we will allow her some time to also have fun and be on vacation, epseacially when she is so good about wearing it 22-23 hrs now.
    Thanks for a little peice of mind.

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